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Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty or situation, being anticipatory and taking charge of situations, acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.
Is the dynamic state in which combined action is favoured over the difference of individual component actions. It is the behaviour of whole systems unpredicted by the behaviour of their parts taken separately. The cooperative action of two or more stimuli, resulting in a greater response than that of the individual stimuli.
Processes or series of acts involved in a particular form of work. Jobs or tasks comprising of one or more elements or subtasks, and which are performed typically in one location. Operations transform resource or data inputs into desired goods, services, or results, and create and deliver value to the customers, those on-going recurring activities involved in the running of a business.
© Copyright ProSynOps 2018 (All Rights Reserved)
© Copyright ProSynOps 2018 (All Rights Reserved)